Sign the petition for a FARE deal for Bo’ness

Councillor Dr Craig R. Martin – Scottish Labour’s candidate for Falkirk East in the 2016 Holyrood Elections – is calling for a fairer deal for bus travellers in Bo’ness.

First Bus has started a new pricing pilot in the Falkirk area, on the back of Councillor Martin’s call for lower prices. However, the new pilot doesn’t extend to Bo’ness.

Councillor Martin is calling on local people to sign a petition, asking the company to change its mind.

Councillor Martin, who started the campaign to lower bus prices over a year ago, said: “I was delighted that First stuck to their word when they announced their new pilot price structure. A charge of £15 for a weekly ticket to travel across the Falkirk Council area is a fair price and I hope it gets people to use buses more. However, I noticed it did not include Bo’ness.  I thought it only right that we start a campaign calling for FAREness for Bo’ness.

“I know that after I started my petition a few others have started. I would urge people to sign them all and put as much pressure on First bus as we can. It’s not right and not fair that Bo’ness is not included. All parts of the Falkirk area should be used in this pilot to gauge a true response to it.”

You can sign the petition at


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