Scottish Football Legends say No

Ahead of Scotland’s international against Germany tomorrow night, Anas Sarwar was joined by Scottish footballing greats Bertie Auld, Ian Durrant and Archie McPherson to launch our latest campaign poster.

The poster features 18 legendary Scottish footballers who have said:

“We are proud Scots who were honoured to represent our country around the world. We urge every patriotic Scot to help maintain Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom which has served Scotland so well.”


Share the poster online, and help share the message that as part of the UK Scotland gets the best of both worlds.

Picking separation over Scotland

Yesterday a knife edge vote was held in Parliament which saw the Conservative government suffer a massive defeat over the hated Bedroom Tax.

All 40 Scottish Labour MPs voted against, and made sure that this Tory government suffered a defeat from which it won’t recover.

Only two of the six of the SNP’s MPs turned up to vote.

Retweet us asking the absent nationalist MPs to explain why they missed this knife edge vote.

Campaign message

We believe Scotland can have the best of both worlds – a strong Scottish Parliament, with more powers guaranteed, backed up by the strength and security of the UK.

Key messages

  • Best for Jobs – one in five Scots employed by UK-wide companies
  • Best for Schools and Hospitals – more to spend on services you value
  • Best for Business – two thirds of Scottish goods and services sold within the UK
  • Best for Pensions – better pensions supported by all UK taxpayers
  • Best of Both Worlds – Scotland, making its own decisions, keeping the pound, and backed by the strength and security of the UK

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