The choice for social justice is NO

Labour Leader Ed Miliband joins the campaign trail today in Blantyre. He will be joined by Johann Lamont, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Anas Sarwar, Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party and Margaret Curran, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, as Scottish Labour’s biggest ever ground campaign continues with two weeks to go until the Scottish referendum.

We know that only Labour can deliver social justice in Scotland and beyond. We have a clear road to achieving that:

• We will freeze energy bills
• We will raise the minimum wage
• We will introduce fairer taxes, including a new lower starting rate of 10p and a new higher rate of 50p.
• We will tax the bankers’ bonuses and put our young people back to work.
• We will abolish the bedroom tax. Abolish it in Dundee, in Glasgow, but also in Carlisle, Newcastle and Nottingham. Because if you care about social justice you care about the poor, the disabled, the vulnerable wherever they happen to live.
• We will devolve more powers over tax, social security and the work programme to the Scottish Parliament.

Compare this with record of The SNP who opposed an energy price freeze, and want to cut the rate of corporation tax for Scotland’s biggest businesses.

The choice is clear, if you value social justice vote No on September 18th.

Only Labour can deliver a Living Wage

When it comes to social justice The SNP are wolves in sheep’s clothing. No point illustrates this clearer than the Living Wage.

When we tried to amend the Procurement Bill to ensure that those hired on Scottish Government contracts were paid a Living Wage, it was the SNP who teamed up with the Conservatives in the Scottish Parliament block it.

Their record is clear, and we need your help to make sure people know about it.

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