Labour Care About Bo’ness and Blackness – Local Elections 2017

A Winning Team for Bo’ness and Blackness

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We are extremely proud of our community. So many people contribute to making Bo’ness and Blackness a great area to live in.

We want to work with the community to continue to improve our local services and facilities.


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We want to build on the work that has been done by Falkirk Labour and continue to find ways to preserve and enhance our
local facilities such as our library and Bo’ness Recreation Centre. We understand how important these are for so many

We will work together as an effective team, fighting hard to ensure Bo’ness gets the improvements to services and
facilities that are needed and well used by people of all ages.



Blackness is a jewel in the crown of Falkirk Council. The expansion of the John Muir Way has been positive, but we want
to do more.

We will work with local people and community groups to strengthen links between Bo’ness and Blackness.

Although we are extremely serious about honouring all of our manifesto commitments, we feel that the following three in particular are of critical importance to Bo’ness and Blackness communities.

Investing More in Council Houses

We feel there is a shortage of council housing stock across Bo’ness and Blackness. We are committed both to building
more council houses in the area and extending Falkirk Council’s buyback scheme of former council houses.
We will also upgrade the fabric of our existing council stock.

Valuing Carers and The Cared For

We will extend the amount of time carers can spend with their service users to ensure an enhanced level of care provision.

We will also increase post diagnostic support for people with dementia and deliver more care at home for those who
need it.

Publicly Owned Buses

To compliment the great work of Bo’ness Area Community Bus Association, we will use new council powers to introduce a
publicly owned bus service at affordable prices. This will focus on areas the private sector doesn’t deem profitable, particularly more rural areas such as Bo’ness and Blackness.

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