Labour launches its manifesto for Scotland


SCOTTISH Labour today launched its manifesto for the forthcoming General Election – outlining measures to rebuild the economy, renew society and restore trust in politics.

Labour said it plans to increase the minimum wage in line with earnings, introduce a £40 a week Better Off at Work Payment to people on benefits who find jobs, and introduce a new Toddlers Tax Credit from 2012.

The manifesto also includes Labour campaign pledges in Scotland – policies we will take forward in Scotland from opposition at Holyrood now, and will carry through into the next Scottish Parliament.

Secretary of State for Scotland, Jim Murphy, said: "We all know that Scotland is at a turning point. We can either go backwards with the Scottish Tory Party or Scotland and Labour can continue together to build a fairer and stronger Scotland.

"Our manifesto sets out a clear plan to rebuild our economy – a future industrial policy and strategy.

"Labour’s plans will rebuild Scotland’s economy, renew Scotland’s society and restore trust in politics.

"This election is a choice between Labour or Tory. One of two men will be prime minister – Gordon Brown or David Cameron.

"Labour has a credible plan for Scotland that will support families, grow the economy and change how we do politics in this country."

Labour’s Leader in the Scottish Parliament, Iain Gray MSP, said: “Our manifesto sets out our vision for a fair and prosperous Scotland and firmly places Labour as the party of ideas. We will seek to deliver for the people of Scotland in every place and at every stage.

"The fact we are in opposition in the Scottish Parliament will not deter us from voting our values into laws. So even now, we will bring forward the changes we need in Scotland to reform our public services and improve the lives of Scots.

"It is not fair that children leave school unable to read or write properly, or that knife criminals can carry a blade knowing they will get away with it. Labour has set out a future that is fair and a plan for recovery that is sensible. 

“The Tories would drive a wedge between people in Scotland at a time when we need to come together to get the Scottish economy back on track."

(Click on the Manifesto document to download the PDF).


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