Bomber’s release – ‘stupid and unforgiveable’ says MP

BO’NESS Labour MP Michael Connarty said the release of the dying Libyan Abdel Basset al-Megrahi – convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing – was “stupid and unforgiveable”.

Megrahi, suffering prostate cancer, was released by the SNP’s Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill – on the grounds that Mr al-Megrahi had three months or less to live. The bomber was given a heroes welcome – with locals waving Saltire flags – as he arrived back in Tripoli last month on a specially chartered flight.

Mr Connarty spoke out after receiving a letter from an angry constituent. The letter, from a resident in Bathgate, said:

“Can we ask Alex Salmond to visit each one of the families who lost someone in the Lockerbie Bombing? Is this decision not another example of the SNP Government who have their own agenda? How can Salmond say he stands up for the people of Scotland in one hand and release a Bomber on the other? Waving Saltires at the airport – all of Scotland did not support this decision, the flying of our flag should not been seen as support for the SNP’s actions. Scotland’s people must remember the sacrifice and at the next elections kick the SNP out in every town over Scotland. The SNP are a disgrace to Scotland and must be booted out at the next elections for this action alone.”

Mr Connarty said: “I do not know why compassionate release, if thought necessary by the SNP Government, was not into a hospice or private accommodation in Scotland. To send the man home to a triumphant welcome in Lybia was stupid and unforgiveable.”


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